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The dream of flying. There has never been a greater adventure for humankind. Higher, faster, farther.

Every major quest invariably involves defying gravity. And when we went beyond our atmosphere and escaped gravity’s pull, we found ourselves in another vast space that could only be explored and navigated via flight, facing greater distances, bigger ambitions, and more adventures to embark upon at the controls of a flying machine.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the pilot community attracts an inordinate number of adventurers, in far greater numbers than any other profession.

Even among commercial pilots there’s a disproportionate quota of mentally unbalanced people.

But when you take a closer look you’ll see there’s always an underlying pattern: all these lunatics usually have in common a background as sport pilots, test pilots, stunt pilots, or, most commonly, criminals, soldiers, or mercenaries.

These careers fill the pool where all those adventurers come from, all those people who are crazy enough to willingly risk their lives in situations that any normal citizen would consider insane.

These are scenarios that usually entail getting aboard a machine fitted with a hyper-charged drive and speeding off into an unexplored sector, or into an area full of obstacles or trigger-happy hostiles, and sometimes they involve all these things at the same time.

Such pilots make up Liberty Cargo’s workforce, a bunch of adrenaline junkies who’ve been binging on danger and trouble for so long that nothing else can equal that high.

These are guys and gals who served in the military as fighter pilots or worked in show business always attempting a more difficult stunt, and then moved on to a more private sphere, either in search of a bigger paycheck or because they screwed up at their previous jobs and have nowhere else to go to keep flying on the edge.

As they often say: “What would be considered reckless behavior anywhere else is company policy here at Liberty Cargo.”

One might expect that a freight company created by the Hexahedron as a front to carry out off-the-books operations and deniable actions would demand a certain amount of discretion and restraint.

And this is the case with most of the contracts Liberty Cargo signs with the agency and with private clients, but the risks involved in many other jobs (infiltrating operatives, rescuing agents in dangerous areas, recovering equipment in war zones, etc.) require such a degree of expertise and insanity that only these mad adventurers possessed by the dream of flying are up to the task.[1]


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