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In an era of scientific and technological wonders and breakthroughs, lab-techs are the vanguard in the trenches of progress. Due to their role as assistants to chief investigators in research projects, they are privy to all the techniques and procedures conducted in each study, which they know down to the smallest detail. And this knowledge makes them extremely valuable both to their employers and to rival organizations. Irrespective of whether these lab-techs work for an academic institution or for a private company, in the cutthroat business of technology and science, any innovation represents either a chance for profit or a tough competition to beat, no matter who made the breakthrough. Therefore, hiring one of these technicians may be the best way to gather valuable knowledge about your rival’s competitive advantage, something every company desires. Of course, there are non-disclosure agreements, but they hardly make a difference anyway—this is what corporations hire law firms for.

This is all assuming the technician is recruited in a “legal” and transparent way because less conscientious corporations may opt for a forcible exfiltration and the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Indeed, in the Human Sphere, working on cutting-edge technology can be a most hazardous profession, and this is without even mentioning the terrifying consequences of a radical science experiment going wrong in the Black Labs of Praxis…[1]

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Current Miniatures

Included in Dire Foes Gamma: Xanadu Rush.

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