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Asobitai? Wanna play?

Sworn protector of the hopes and dreams of the innocent, Kozmo is the action figure every kid in the Human Sphere wants to cuddle up in bed with. He’s also the Aristeia! character with most skins on the market. His merch sells out so fast his editions have to be assembled in pairs.[1]

KOZMO | The kawaii mega-mecha.

Nobody has ever caused such a stir setting foot in the HexaDome as Kozmo. Enveloped in smoke with his glistening jade armor covered in graffitilike a schoolyard wall, his first appearance was a sight like no one had ever seen before in the arena.

Noriko Ayase, Kozmo’s creator and pilot, is an extremely brilliant recent grad from Tomari University who combines the enchanting innocence of a Japanese schoolgirl with the pragmatism of an engineer into her fine-tuned combat mecha.

Kozmo, her remote-piloted mech, exhibits the widest range of abilities since 8-Ball. And each time Norika unleashes one of them, they blast from his built-in speakers to the delight of the chanting HexaDome crowds.

But this aristo is just full of surprises, because the design of the current season’s outfit is the result of a collaboration between Noriko and her kid sister Yue, another star in the making.[2]

Nobody generates as much excitement when they enter the HexaDomes as Kozmo. A robot enveloped in smoke, with its bright jade armor covered in graffiti that looks like it came from the wall of a nursery.Noriko Ayase is the extremely brilliant, recent University graduate pilot, and designer, of Kozmo, who combines the candid love of a Japanese school girl with the pragmatism of an engineer.[3]

The official story for the Maya public is that a young and brilliant woman called Noriko Ayase, recently graduated from the Tomari University, designed a combat robot called Kozmo that has found a place on the myriad of Aristos and in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans. Noriko pilots Kozmo, remotely from some room prepared to that end inside the HexaDome, so for her Aristeia! is no different from a videogame. In fact, fans follow her combats, imitate her and cheer her as an eSports star.

Kozmo’s head is a screen on which Noriko can express her emotions projecting emoticons and memes. Her little sister, Yue, helped to decide the colors of the robot’s outfit and manage to cover everything in stickers.

Lovely, isn’t it? However, the reality hides some surprises. Under the innocent looks of a publicity stunt for the younger audience there are serious interests meddling, including the maze-like machinations of the Imperial Service, in Yu Jing… < Connection Interrupted >[4]


Not available in Infinity at this time.


Current Miniatures

Infinity the Game

None at this time.

Aristeia the Game

Alternate Skins

Fullmetal Kozmo

Vissiorama's stylists are inspired once again by the Fantasy genre to create a medieval-style Kozmo powered by magic. It was none other than the fans of Aristeia! that chose this aristo to be the recipient of this new skin through a survey launched by Vissiorama on Maya

Alberto Abal, a partner of Corvus Belli and the developer of Aristeia! says this skin was the perfect opportunity to make a large and spectacular miniature. He states: “Fullmetal Kozmo is pure metal, and it also allowed us to focus on its little pilot, who appears on top of him in this figure.”[5]

Originally submitted by Cervantes3773

Out of Print Miniatures

None at this time.

Limited Edition

None at this time.