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The brave Keisotsu are honorable and righteous, but sometimes you need an operative who can color outside the lines, if you know what I mean. That’s what the Kaizoku Spec-Ops are for, and they respond directly to the Department of Military Intelligence, the same people who hand-pick prospective recruits from among the more unruly Keisotsu whose talents are nevertheless too valuable to waste. Once they’ve been selected, they are put through a training regime in special combat techniques. If they pass, they are admitted into one of the Kaizoku teams the JSA Intelligence has scattered across free Japan—and, some say, throughout the occupied Kuraimori territories. Honor and Bushido are all well and good, but that’s not what the Kaizoku are about. They work in the murky world of grey ops, and their unorthodox methods are fit to the task. Despite their prominence and the fact that they work alongside Keisotsu regiments, there is no unit in the JSA quite like the Kaizoku. Not one of them has the discipline required of the Kempeitai, nor the rectitude expected of the Tankō. The JSA treats them like yancha—troublemakers—, but then again, they chose to name them Kaizoku (海賊, “Pirates”) in the first place. [1]


The Kaizoku is a Spec-Ops trooper whose profile is based on the Keisotsu.


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