Japanese Secessionist Army

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One of the greatest regional armies of Yu Jing is the Japanese Sectorial Army. As the Japanese have always shown a clearly distinct cultural identity, the High Command, with the Party’s consent, thought it was opportune to reward Nipponese troops for the courage shown in their military service. 

In this way they were given the ability to form a small army composed entirely of troops and units of Nipponese origin. Such army would have its own officers, all of them Japanese, who could establish their own operative methodology and their own combat style, remaining always loyal to the military precepts established by Yu Jing’s High Command. 

The Japanese Sectorial Army has a strong offensive focus, reflecting the brave and combative nature of the troops composing it. The Nipponese warlike philosophy is strongly influenced by Bushido, the Path of the Warrior. The noncommissioned instructional officers have stamped into the head of each recruit the lessons taken from old Japanese military texts. Concepts like courage, duty (giri 義理), the will to win and the importance of an aggressive attitude receive special emphasis, and provide a subconscious motivation for the troops of the Rising Sun. - Pre-Secession Information

There was a moment in which the proud Japanese, who had been humiliated and treated like second class citizens by the StateEmpire for far too long, rose up against their oppressors and claimed their freedom.

The Japanese Uprising was a brief but terribly intense and savage conflict, for which the Japanese paid a high price in blood for their victory, but finally managed to tear away from Yu Jing. Now, as a new member of the Non-Aligned Countries, the independent Japan is a minor power, constantly besieged by a fearsome enemy, and with allies that consider it just a way of damaging the StateEmpire.

However, the post-Uprising Japan has been rebuilt with the Bushido doctrine as their main ideological foundation, the bushi fighting caste being the society’s main guides. A nation built upon the Way of the Samurai is not an easy prey for anyone, no matter how powerful they may be, and every member of the JSA, the Japanese Secessionist Army, is willing to give their lives to prove it, and drag every enemy possible with them into death.

The Japanese military force, known as the Japanese Secessionist Army or JSA, is a worthy heir to its predecessor in the service of the StateEmpire. It was reformulated based on the figure of the bushi, the fighting caste, with the Domaru, samurais in power armor, as natural leaders both in spirit and in combat, and the Kempeitai as the guarantors of security and morality. However, the JSA maintains its nature of being primarily an assault force, because the Bushido doctrine requires no less. During the Uprising, the Japanese military forces sacrificed a lot for the freedom of their people, even losing entire units. These units disappeared in the maelstrom of the conflict and were thus impossible to rebuild. Nevertheless, despite their losses, the JSA would be reborn with new units and tactics that emphasize their eminently aggressive character. The giant Daiyōkai, the versatile Ryuken Unit-9, or the dangerous Kuroshi Rider are some examples of this new JSA that has learned how to reappear from the brutal and bloody chaos of the Uprising more fearsome and stronger than ever.[1]


Due to the events of Uprising, the Japanese Sectorial Army broke away from Yu Jing and became the Japanese Secessionist Army. This was further developed in the events of the ITS Season 9 Treason Event pack.


"The strength of their plan lay in its audacity. Who would be so bold as to launch a frontal attack against a fortified contingent holding an advantageous position? The answer is obvious: the Japanese. Any one of my officers could have told you as much. But, in their arrogance and blindness to the fanatic bravery of Japanese troops, the Imperial Service commanders have allowed themselves to be caught off-guard, and now the Chisaka settlement is lost to us."

-Sun Tze, during a meeting with the StateEmpire High Command to assess the Kaseitoshi front. Strategic Planning Center, Cheng Tù city, Yutang.


Below is a list of units which are available to this faction, except those which are only available during specific ITS seasons.

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