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The Crane rank Imperial Agents are second grade civil servants, one of the highest ranks of the tactical judicial wing, ranking just below the Hsien Warriors. The Crane Agents could be defined as Law and Criminology College graduates with commando training. They are special agents, always on the road, constantly traveling throughout the StateEmpire, acting as direct servants and factotums of the Emperor. They have travelled the Human Sphere from one side to the other. They have seen nearly everything, things most people couldn’t even imagine, as they are always in contact with the darkest and most squalid side of society. But the Crane Agents don’t let this affect them. They are prosecutors, police, and inquisitors, all in one. They possess a Dragon Class License, directly authorized by the Emperor, giving them carte blanche to act in his name. As representatives of the Emperor they can make absolute decisions based on preceding cases. They can remedy a situation fearlessly because there are laws, rules and precedents supporting them. They have a long record of definitive solutions applied to those who have are considered to have been on the wrong side. That’s why their relationship with foreign and independent media is…complicated. They have been accused on several occasions of abuse of authority and excessive use of lethal force. Be this true or not, the Crane Agents are an elite section. They have received intense military training to emphasize their leadership skills, focused on Direct Action and short term operations. Among their tasks is to provide specialized assistance to judicial offices and to solve operative and administrative problems during exceptional circumstances. In addition, they coordinate extraordinary actions such as high risk trials, strategic weapons transport and special operations group deployments. They are sent when an attorney needs special assistance to accomplish their mission. Wherever they go, the Crane Agents are the incarnation of Law. A Law that has no fear for getting its hands dirty and which prefers actions over words.


Are you recording this, newsman? Film everything and show it to the Japanese people of the Human Sphere. Tell them of the rain of fire and shrapnel, of the fields turned to mass graves. Show them the cities leveled into tombstones for the insurgent. Let them know the penalty for defiance of the StateEmpire!"

-Imperial Agent Crane Rank Chung-Yao, CO of the Yuándün (Shield) Division, a special corps of the Imperial Service. Suppression and pacification actions conducted in the city of Motobushima during the Uprising. Kuraimori, Shentang.


ISC: Imperial Agents, Crane Rank Heavy Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 22 13 13 14 4 6 2 2
Skills and Equipment: Martial Arts L3, Kinematika L2
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Lieutenant Lieutenant, Sensor, X Visor Nanopulser (2), MULTI Rifle Pistol, DA CCW 52 0
Spitfire Lieutenant Lieutenant, X Visor Nanopulser (2), Spitfire Pistol, DA CCW 54 2
Spitfire X Visor Nanopulser (2), Spitfire Pistol, DA CCW 54 2
Boarding Shotgun Sensor, X Visor Nanopulser (2), Boarding Shotgun Pistol, DA CCW 47 0
MULTI Sensor, X Visor Nanopulser (2), MULTI Rifle Pistol, DA CCW 52 0
Hacker Assault Hacking Device Nanopulser (2), MULTI Rifle Pistol, DA CCW 53 0.5

Yu Jing - Imperial Agent, Crane Rank - -A6- -Vyo-.png Yu Jing - Imperial Agent, Crane Rank - -N3- -Vyo-.png


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