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The Unit Identification Sheets are produced by burlesford and are linked via the Wiki with their permission. The text below is taken from their post on the official forums.

ReadMe v2.2.2


When I came back to Infinity in 2020, I had huge troubles remembering which unit of which faction was represented by which model (and in some cases which model of a given starter set was which unit). This was especially true for factions where every unit looked almost the same (*cough* Shasvastii *cough*). So I made some (shitty) model overviews for myself for each sectorial to have an idea which was what.

Then some cool guy on reddit started posting these, which were like a limited version of what I had on my hard drive. Intrigued by how shiny they were, I got his permission to use his template to make prettier versions of the whole range of models for every sectorial. I started posting them on reddit, too, but thought they might be helpful here too.

Starting with March 2023, these sheets are updated with the newest releases every month. For older versions, visit this Google Drive folder.


1. The sheets only list units, meaning profiles that have their own unit logo in the army app. This means stuff like koalas, tinbots and pilots are shown with their respective units (names in brackets).

2. I tried to keep the order of units like the official one: LI, MI, HI, TAG, REM, SK, WB. If these leads to visual problems, however, I took the liberty of rearranging some unit types.

3. In order to keep a consistent appearance, I don’t include artworks or renders (except for TAG Raid and Defiance where there are no pictures of painted models).

4. These sheets are meant for people who want to know what's currently available for their army. That's why they only include the current, regularly available product catalogue of Corvus Belli’s miniature game Infinity the Game. Whenever new models are released that replace old models, those are taken out of the sheets. For everything else, especially very old and limited edition models, please refer to Human Sphere.

Exceptions to point 4 are:

  • Exclusive releases when there is no regular release available yet. For example, Bounty Hunters only show the regular model, even though there have been a couple of additional exclusive sculpts over the years.
  • Kickstarter releases that don’t have a regular release version yet. This includes TAG Raid and Defiance releases.
  • Units/characters where every sculpt is currently out of production or a limited edition. Otherwise, it would look like there have been no minis released for this unit at all (i.e., half of Tohaa). However, for units where some sculpts are in print and some sculpts are OOP, only the in-print ones are shown (for example, Thorakitai in Steel Phalanx).

These exceptions are marked with corresponding asterisks (for example, DF for "Defiance Kickstarter Exclusive").

Sheets by Faction

Sheets are broken down by factions to create more manageable page sizes. Be warned that the full sized images are large.

PanOceania Sheets

Yu Jing Sheets

Ariadna Sheets

Haqqislam Sheets

Nomad Sheets

Combined Army Sheets

Aleph Sheets

NA2 Sheets

Tohaa Sheets

O-12 Sheets

Code One Sheets

Spec Ops and HVT Sheets

Processing Notes

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