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My name is Peter 'Phlyk' Acs and I am a British warcor who runs both Human-Sphere[1] and Lead-Rising[2].

If you have any suggestions for new content, think that I've missed something or spot an error then let me know! Human-Sphere is still being actively worked on, added to and improved so any feedback is welcome.

If you believe you own an image which is being used as part of this Wiki and you would like it to be removed or have a reference added to it then please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible.

You can contact me at:

My thanks go out to the following Infinity community members whose prior work in collecting data has been invaluable in helping me set up this Wiki:

  • Vyo for their collection of unit logos: [3]
  • Claudius Sol and Pierzasty for their collection of dossiers: [4] [5]
  • Pierzasty for their collection of fluff text: [6]
  • Numerous players including Cervantes3773, Vain and Magno for sharing their collections of patches.
  • Cervantes3773 for providing feedback and for flooding me with pictures of patches I'd missed!