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The 'Nomad Witch' has worked hard for that moniker. Whenever she's in the arena, everyone else is at risk of becoming an unwitting pawn or a mindless puppet. With a pull of her string, a foe flies off the scoring zone like a broken doll; with a curt order, a friend advances an agenda only hEXx3r truly understands.


The enigmatic Nomad hacker known only as hEXx3r is responsible for a revolution in the role played by software in Aristeia!

More than any other hacker in the brief stretch that the discipline has been applied to Aristeia! hEXx3r has changed the face of the game forever. In record time, she has proven capable of turning the tide of a match by sending her opponents into disarray at the worst possible moment. Armed with nothing but software, hEXx3r gives the heavyweights a run for their money. She freezes them, exposes them and then throws them into ambuscades choreographed at the speed of thought. The words “that Nomad witch” are often muttered by players as they’re carted out of the HexaDome.

Her fans blame her strained reputation on ‘smear campaigns’ by PanOceanian media, but the truth is she has slipped comfortably into the role of a termagant and used it to boost her mystique. So far, it’s served her well. Her brand recognition numbers are outstanding and she’s a well-loved figure among non-conformists and antiestablishmentarians even beyond the borders of the Nomad Nation.

hEXx3r hails from the Nomad mothership Tunguska, and her… unusual hacking device reflects that. Although its inner workings are a closely guarded secret, experts believe hEXx3r’s mask is part of a neural interface and that her gloves play a key role in giving her software access to the HexaDome fixtures, but beyond that it’s all conjecture.

In the absence of official data, theories abound: from esoteric alien technology to the idea that hEXx3r herself was grown in a vat in some Praxis lab researching human telekinetic capabilities. But if you ask the average fan, they’ll have a simpler explanation:

It’s legit witchcraft![1]

There’s little we know about the woman under the cowl, as she seems to wear her porcelain mask all the time, even during the few social events where Vissiorama producers have forced her to go. All she lets us know is that she hails from the Nomad mother ship Tunguska and that she’s a hacker using some state-of-the-art hacking device to fiddle around with the microscopic hardware pieces that form the HexaDome, called nanovoxels, to reshape the arena however she wants.

Her aristocratic manners and the exquisite disdain with which she treats even her own teammates don’t leave anyone indifferent. And the fact that she seems to find amusement in humiliating Maximus pushing him around like a puppet has earned her a supposedly despective nickname – nomad witch. But, instead of finding it disrespectful, she has embraced and spread it like a nom de guerre, making of her a symbol to those who despise the current panoceanian hegemony in the Human Sphere.[2]


Alternate Skin - Hexx3r Nomad Witch

Current Miniature

Infinity the Game

None at this time.

Aristeia the Game

Alternate Skin

"After the commotion caused by the leaked Maximus photos, the static big man - scarcely dressed for the shooting of his successful film Thermopylae, I couldn’t resist. I think I also deserve my very own change of attire! I don’t mean that they dress me like a doll, as they did with Parvati! No offense, dear... but that's not my style."

With this release, we will introduce you to the alternate version of one of the most charismatic characters of the Aristeia! CoreBox: hEXx3r. For the first time, this new skin doesn’t hide any hidden background information, instead it’s a miniature that Corvus Belli wanted to develop as an approach to genre they love: fantasy.[3]

Out of Print Miniatures

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Limited Edition Miniatures

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