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The Foreign Company is a private security consultancy that is often covered by numerous business news channels all over Maya. Both analysts and experts seem to have reached a consensus in praising this mercenary company’s unorthodox practices and its ruthless approach to business and development, and they have defined it as a sudden and ever-growing success. Moreover, this impression is reinforced by the new announcement that Van Orton has recently signed contracts with several leading companies from the pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing industries.

Nevertheless, this private military company’s marketing strategy rests on its business vision’s two core pillars. The first is its contracts with major Maya channels, producers, and agencies of Maya-personalities, which trust the Foreign Company with the protection of their most glamorous clients. The second is its notorious Soldiers of Fortune Team, a group of Aristeia! fighters made up of elite mercenaries who only work for the most exclusive clientele. This way, the Foreign Company offers a service package oriented to high-end clients who are thus provided with both professionalism and prestige, clearly a winning combination.[1]

“Come hell or high water, we will always be ready, because unpredictable is our work standard.”


Below is a list of units which are available to this faction, except those which are only available during specific ITS seasons.

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