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Ohohoh! Daddy is back.

The five-time Bahadur, Final Boss is a living legend of Aristeia! who has reunited a team of old companions to demonstrate they’re still the kings of the competition.[1]

FINAL BOSS | The Legendary Red Beast

—Welcome back, dear VissioRama spectators! I’m Vince McMahogany, and today we intend to make our dear Final Boss cry. That’s why I’m asking for a big applause to encourage him to come onto the set.

—Hi Vince, and hello to all of the studio audience and also, to the ones watching us in their homes. Man, I have to admit that I was less nervous when people kicked my ass in the HexaDome than when I came to work today.

—As many of you already know, Boss is a shining star of the Aristeia! circuit. Although he has been retired for many years, some of his records are still intact.

—Not so much, man. These new kids are quite impressive.

—Well perhaps only a few people know is that today is his fifty-second birthday. Who would have thought?! You look great

.—Hah Hah hah! The Ex-Mrs. Boss could. I don’t think I can repeat her exact words in case there are kids listening, but this reddish fur is beginning to gray... Man, it’s starting to turning white around my horns.

—Our production partners are showing images of some stellar moments in your career. Do you feel like are commenting on them?

—You can take that to the bank, Vince. Hah hah hah! The old “Face, Meet Fist”. Maximus smelt it close a hundred times in that season. I didn’t make it to Bahadur, but it was worth it.

—I think he’s still pissed about it. You retired the next year and he couldn’t return the favour.

—Nonsense, this year he’ll beat my record of active seasons and I will be the one that will be pissed. Wow, man. Have you seen that new technique? What did you call it?

—Chimera Ram.

—The paramedics went nuts during a week of putting Parvati back together. It was crazy! You don’t see it from the same perspective inside the Dome.

—How are you doing, Boss?

—I thought you were going to make me cry, macho. I’m excited, but you’re going to have to try harder.

—Don’t worry, here comes the Grand Finale. Do you recognize who is giving you your first Bahadur title?

—Jokes aside... It’s Kylie Cosmen ... She’s BAHADUR. She was the first to hold the title, she is and will always be “The First”. You need to kneel in front of Koorie Queen.

—Well, you can start now, because you’ve come to our very special program with the cake and 52 candles.

—Oh your feet, lady.

—Let’s take a brief break.

—I’m alright, I’m alright. Before my good reputation disappears, I have a question for the Queen. Vissiorama has been advertising my return to the HexaDome for months, but I won’t come back unless you accompany me, Majesty. What do you say?

—You can stand up, giant red demon. Of course! Let’s make the HexaDome shine as we once did.!

—Now, let’s take an advertising break while the poor Final Boss regains control of himself and Ms. Cosmen composes herself after that warm hug... I assure you that the tears are pouring all over the studio right now.[2]

[...]The first Bahadur we are going to talk about is an acquaintance to all of you. The star commentator Final Boss, who is also one of the living legends of Aristeia! returns to the HexaDome to show everyone why he’s a true Bahadur. A very intimidating aristo that will crush the rival team.[...][3]

Final Boss is the living legend of Aristeia! He’s the one who can claim the most records in the HexaDome. It’s been the star commentator for Aristeia! for many years, and one of the presenters of Vissiorama. He has returned to the competition to show the spectators and newbies who is the real Bahadur.[4]

In his youth, Andrew Hill was an agent of the Überfallkommando, the field unit of the Sports Crimes section of the Bakunin Moderator Corps. The main mission assigned to their members was to identify, investigate, and break up criminal organizations involved in sport crimes, infiltrating them from the street level to their highest ranks. In police slang, the term “sport” refers to illegal Aristeia! matches and all of the unlawful body modifications that these criminal outfits involve themselves in.

As undercover agents, the members of this police unit’s work is performed on the opposite side of the law, immersing themselves in the criminal underworld. To be able to join the illegal Aristeia! circuits, they undergo radically aggressive body alterations, turning themselves into Chimeras - illicit combat-modified humans - the more brutal and violent, the better. A career in the Sport Crimes unit provides access to the most illegal of body modifications that Vaudeville’s Bouboutiques or Praxis’s Black Labs has to offer.

To enter the Underground Aristeia! ring, Andrew Hill changed his name to Final Boss, and had two of the fourteen alterations done that reshaped his body forever. For the police operation to succeed, Hill had to become a fighter of the circuit and convince everybody of his ability to fully enter the organized crime syndicate.

When Hill successfully ended his career with the Überfallkommando, he realized a star was born within him: Final Boss had a bright future ahead of him as an aristo, and something from the depths of the competition forced him to leave the Sports Crimes unit to become one of the most important stars of Aristeia! and all of the Human Sphere.[5]


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