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There is nothing higher than the starry sky.

Eclypse can wrap your team in shadows and expose your rivals to light. She is like a mysterious shadow of the past that has rekindled the rumors on Maya about her predecessor.[1]

ECLYPSE | The shadow weaver

The tenth season of Aristeia! was supposed to be the beginning of a new era. Step by step, the aspirants were equipped with all kinds of military equipment and weapons were replaced by characters with strange abilities and exotic munitions that interacted in a spectacular fashion to create an astonishing audiovisual show for the viewers. Audience attendance made Aristeia! the best medium to sell anything, including technological advances of military application and private security.

Since then, hypercorps of the Human Sphere, specializing in areas such as biochemistry, nanotechnology, or armament ─among others─ fight every season to sell their advances as toys to the primary contractors of the great nations. It is a well known secret that the best way to get juicy contracts is to create a character that manages to overcome the Ordeals and win the coveted title of Bahadur.

StarLight Inc., one of the high-tech companies and part of the Ypsilon holdings, presented Eclypse - their first champion, for the eighteenth season of Aristeia!

He wore a gray jumpsuit with a short coat with gilded edging, the colors of the company. He was showcasing new technology to the world that condensed energy by capturing photons of light. Eclypse created shadows that seemed impossible, punished his rivals with his whip of black light, and supported his team by using all that energy to alter the conditions of the scenario. He soon became one of the favorites among the specialized press to win the biggest prize, and when asked if he wanted to be at the top, he always responded by quoting Copernicus: “There is nothing higher than the starry sky.”

Unfortunately, Eclypse made history as the first certified victim of a fatality. During a battle, the nucleus of his condenser overloaded and then imploded - creating a sphere of darkness that engulfed the aristo completely. It was impossible to recover the cube with enough integrity to reimplant it in a synthetic body, which is commonly known as ‘resurrection’. His death was final. The following season, StarLight Inc. featured a tentacular robotic grotesque called Shadow Crawler that purported to be the substitute for Eclypse. It was an absolute failure that caused the stocks of the company to crash and, subsequently, disappear.

A new subsidiary of Ypsilon, Baily Corp., registered a new champion this year, who has raised a stir for his dark clothing and his name of war: Eclypse. The woman behind the character, Sarah Wang, had the hard role to fulfill the expectations that her predecessor had created and make the Eclypse fans fall in love again . Her usual response to those who question her in the media is disconcerting and has generated rivers of rumors on Maya:

“There is nothing higher than the starry sky.”[2]

Little or nothing is known about the girl behind Eclypse, the mysterious candidate of Baily Corp., who comes to relive the most glorious past of Aristeia! Her appearance has dismayed the public and has divided the media. She’s willing to kill anyone who crosses her path.[3]


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