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The cradle of Humanity and origin of PanOceania. A place of natural and cultural treasures. Cities full of history but nearly uninhabited. The expansion of PanOceania caused an exodus to the stars that depopulated entire regions. Politically, Earth is mostly dominated by religious institutions and a weakened European Union that represents the humanist side of PanOceania. [1]

Planet Statistics

Distance from Star: 1.0 AU

Orbital Revolution: 365 days

Rotation: 24 hours

Radius: 1,00 Earth radius

Surface Gravity: 1.00 g

Planet Data File

Capital: Canberra (PanOceanía), Pekín (Yu Jing)

Population of Planet: 8.2 billion

Off-Planet System Population: 100 million

Main Languages: Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, English

Main Industries: High-Tech Manufacturing, Zero-G Construction, Tourism

Prominent Orbitals: Lullaby Station, The Wheel, Tiāngōng-9, Carioca-B Research Platform



Yu Jing