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The Druze Society is probably the most powerful criminal organization within Submondo, the international mafia entity that reaches all across the Human Sphere. The unmeasured use of unparalleled violence and their keen sense for business, reaching success with their companies used as a front to cover their illegal activities are the factors that have taken them to the top of Submondo’s inner circle.

Formed as an elite unit within the Druze Society, the Shock Teams have kept a high level of tactical capacity, always above your average goon that might be found in any criminal group.

Until the so-called Knauf case, which put a Hexahedron agent inside the organization in order to bring down their operation and activities, information about the Druze Society was based on incomplete and partial reports that did not provide with any relevant data. Despite this, no intelligence service in the Human Sphere has doubts about the depth of their ramifications and influences on the global economy. Even though there are still many details from this corrupt intrigue, and it is really difficult to determine the real extent of their criminal activities.

The Druze Society is probably Submondo’s most powerful criminal organization, an international mafia association that extends throughout the Human Sphere. The Druze Society’s interests and businesses cover numerous sectors, and its influence reaches even the highest circles. But to be able to maintain a position of power within the criminal world, aside from money and influence, you also need fangs and claws.

In the Druze’s case, the sharpest ones are those of Bayram’s security service on their private caravansary. Comprised of hard-core Shock Teams paired with a dreadful reputation, this security service is so effective that very few dare engage it. For this reason, Druze operations and this caravansary are the safest in the Sphere. To maintain that maximum level of efficiency, the Druze offer one section of their security service to the military company market. This team operates as a small mercenary company that works as riot control. Bayram Security’s fee is not cheap, but their deadly results leave no room to negotiate.


The Druze originally come from one of the most historically troubled areas of planet Earth. Being followers of the tagiyya, the hiding art, they have always endeavored to integrate into the society where they live, so military life is a natural way for such an indomitable people like them. Therefore, there are Druze in every army of the region. For the Druze Society this means they will always have well-trained and loyal professionals to strengthen their ranks. This group of ex-soldiers would be the seed of the Shock Teams, created during the Barabara Vita, or "Road Wars", when the level of violence went beyond the usual for a gangster organization.

The Shock Teams were set up as an elite unit of the Druze Society. Since then they have maintained a high standard of tactical training and operational readiness well beyond the thugs of other criminal groups. One must be Druze to belong to these tears, since they have their own secret rituals just as in their religion, and have a military background or pass a training period, which is compulsory for anyone coming from the hit man ranks of the Society.

The Druze Shock Teams were the hammer the Druze Society used to maintain supremacy and control over the access roads from Asia Minor to the Space Elevator, by sweeping their competition aside with efficient but brutal methods. However, after the incident with the Drygalsky group, the Druze Society found few opponents requiring the use of these teams, so they started to hire them on the mercenary market. This measure was promoted not only for economic reasons, but also to maintain these units' operational tempo and keep their bite. After the Knauf case and Arslan's promotion to security chief of the Bayram caravansary, as well as outer operations (meaning outside of Earth) the Shock Teams' mercenary activities were extended. Arslan wanted to have a reliable operative group in order to maintain the position of the Druze Society in the Submondo solely with the strength of fear. But acts maintain reputation better than words, and because of that, they needed their Shock Teams active without having to declare war on other criminal organizations.

Starting from the security group of the Bayram caravansary, Arslan recruited some local talent in Bourak and the Bounty Hunter circuit to have different talents complementing their Shock Teams, which would be the hard and loyal nucleus of this small force. The chief of security trained some groups, so the caravansary would never stay unprotected during a contract. As the Bayram security force started to operate in the Sphere, the terrible reputation they already had for being as effective as they were relentless was strengthened. Arslan reminded the Human Sphere that the outrages committed during the Ariadna Commercial Conflicts were not just a simple fact from the past, but a modus operandi still available for everyone who could afford it.

We cannot know how true this belief is. Knauf never provided this type of information, a signal of the level of absorption of his false identity. We do not know, for example, if any technological system supports it, if they have their own Cube bank--this could be possible since the Bayram security group can finance itself just with the money from their expensive contracts- or if they offer any post-mortem incentive plan. Despite our efforts, we did not manage to discover more on the secret rituals or their hermetic books that they base their beliefs on. Every member of the Druze Society follows the taqiyya to the letter, an unswerving code of silence, since they think that the survival of their religion and people depends on it. There can be no doubt that the Bayram security group is a force that must be considered in the global theater of operations, since they can increase the hostility level of any conflict, becoming a real threat to balance in Sphere. The Shock Teams are well appreciated not only because they do not ask questions, or for their lack of scruples when obeying the payer's rules, but also for their ferocity in combat. The Druze people believe in reincarnation. Actually, one of their war cries is "Who wants to sleep inside his mother's womb tonight?" They refer to their religion, which guarantees that, although they die in combat, death is a temporary state for them, since they will always come back to terrify their enemies. [1]


"The Druze society are old-line 'mafiasi', the kind that will ice you and then kill your family just to set an example."

-Lucien Sforza, breifing with the Mixed Intervention Group of the Imperial Service. Red Star Orbital, Mars.


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