Defiance: Core Set

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A group of heroes has been commissioned up by the human nations to stop an imminent offensive by the Combined Army. Embarked in the Defiance, the heroes of the Human Sphere must fight against an alien invader in a suicide mission with the sole objective of saving humanity.

Infinity Defiance is a dungeon crawler with high quality metal miniatures that are compatible with Infinity. A new cooperative game by Corvus Belli that will debut on Kickstarter in Fall 2019.


Core Box:

14 Top quality metal miniatures:

Additional contents:

  • Rulebook and Campaign book with 12 missions.
  • 16 Double-sided tiles.
  • 359 Mini USA cards.
  • 42 Magnum cards.
  • 38 Plastic tokens.
  • More of 200 paperboard tokens.
  • 2 Dice sets (1x Opaque dice set + 1x Translucent dice set)
  • 25 Enemy colored plastic rings

Collector´s Box:

29 Top quality metal miniatures:

  • 2 x Storage foam

Platinum Level Pledge Exclusives

Contains 4 exclusive miniatures only with the Platinum Pledge level:

Additional Images

40mm Base Adapter

These adapters allow miniatures on a 40mm base to adapt to Defiance's hex map. It accounts for the LOF markers included on later CB-produced bases.

Defiance 40mm base adapters 01.jpg

Defiance 40mm base adapters 02.jpg

Note, the 40mm base in the above picture is included for exemplary purposes. The bases included with Defiance do not have the LOF markings.

Platinum Level Exclusive Minis

The below minis will be included in all Platinum level pledges.

Defiance Platinum exclusive minis 01.jpg