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The databank was born the exact moment that money could be converted into data and when information could be monetized. Information can be considered a currency itself and therefore is money in a way. And money is the banks’ business, so actually the databank is nothing more than a specialized field of banking. The problem lies in the fact that, generally, this specific activity is carried out in data havens, places where neither ALEPH’s surveillance nor tax burdens are very heavy, and which are on the fringes of international law. Nonetheless, it’s in these marginal areas where databankers operate, protected by local legislation and equipped with slave AI that allow them to move data and money through different channels, organizations, and shell corporations. Their job is to make it difficult for third parties, usually governmental agencies, to trace these transactions in order to safeguard the interests of their clients. Of course, one of the side effects of this kind of activity is that it provides a means for laundering money obtained from illegal activities. And this brings us back to the endless discussion about the difference between “illegal” and “illicit,” or to the nuances of the terms “illegal” and “criminal.” It’s a discussion that always takes us to a gray area, precisely where these databankers thrive, always striving for profits for their clients, and for themselves, for sure.[1]

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