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These patches have been designed by Infinity fans around the world, for their communities or events. Human Sphere is working to give all designers credit for their work (click each patch to see who designed it). If a patch is missing its designer and you know who it is, please contact us.



Baltimore 2014


Albuquerque 2014



Baltimore 2015

DireStates Baltimore15.JPG

Durham 2015

DireStates Durham.jpg

Houston 2015

DireStates Houston.jpg

Albany 2015

DireStates Albany.jpg

Rumble on Route 66 - Albuquerque 2015

Event Route66 2015.jpg


Arizona 2016

DireStates Arizona2016.jpg

Baltimore 2016

DireStates Baltimore16.jpg

Rumble on Route 66 - Albuquerque 2016

DireStatesRoute66 2016.jpg

Battle for the Bayou 2016

Tournament BattleBayou.jpg

New York 2016

DireStates NY2016.jpg

Extra Life (2016 Charity Event)

Infinite Life, an Extra Life Charity tournament.jpg


Rumble on Route 66 - Albuquerque 2017

Event Route66Alb.jpg

Salt Lake Showdown 2017

DireStates SaltLake2017.jpg

Iowa Incident

Iowa Incident 2017.jpg

Utah - ARO

DireStates UTARO.jpg


Baltimore 2018

Baltimore Brawl 2018.jpg

Rumble on Route 66 - Albuquerque 2018

Rumble on Route 66 - Albuquerque 2018.jpg


Adepticon 2019

Adepticon 2019.jpg

Baltimore Brawl 2019

Baltimore Brawl 2019.jpg

Battle by the Beach 2019, Santa Cruz, California

P Beach.jpg

Beltway Bandit 2019 - ODD, Nova, Brawl

Beltway Bandit 2019.jpg

Nova 2019

Nova 2019.jpg

ODD 2019

ODD 2019.jpg


Tidewater Tempest 2020

Tidewater Tempest.jpeg

Adepticon 2020

Adepticon 2020 was cancelled due to COVID19 concerns. Patch status/distribution uncertain.

Adepticon 2020.jpeg

Community Patches

Mokan Community

Mokan Community Patch.jpg

Tidewater (Virginia) Community (2019)

Tidewater Infinity.jpeg

Ocala-Gainesville FL Community (2019)

Ocalca-Gainesville FL Community.jpg

Enemy Spotted Wargaming Community

Enemy Spotted Wargaming Community.jpg