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“Hmmm… It smells like mystery here…”

Famous catchphrase of Candy Double, popularized in her sensaseries “The Incredible Adventures of Candy Double”. Only in Oxyd!

What can be said about Candy Double, the most famous star of Maya’s sensaproductions, that is not in the public domain already? Like every sensoactress she has sensarecorder implants that record everything she sees, hears, and feels, so her fans can experience what the character does. Like every sensastar, she has already forgotten her real name, and her real identity is information that nobody cares about, because the only thing anyone wants is Candy Double.

The entire Human Sphere has an eye on “The Incredible Adventures of Candy Double,” the story of a rich heiress whose wicked stepfather has replaced her with a double, making everyone think that Candy is an illegal copy created to control her family’s empire. But people are also in love with Candy’s stories outside the sensaseries, which involve all types of investigations wherever the Maya show takes her next, because Candy Double’s curiosity knows no boundaries, and she believes that by revealing all the injustices that plague the Sphere, she will change society. There is no risk that the blond star will not take, sometimes maybe flippantly, in the execution of her detective duties. But as she says: fame is the best antiballistic protection—fame and the fact that everyone knows nothing will escape her cameras and sensarecorders.[1]

Not considered Ariadnan by many an astronomical unit, Candace is nevertheless one of the Human Sphere’s most notable celebrities, and she just so happens to be currently located on Dawn.

The titular star of the number one Mayaseries, “The Incredible Adventures of Candy Double”, is a name known and loved by billions. Her smash hit sensaseries offers recordings of her audio, visual, emotional, and physical responses to anyone who can afford to purchase the implants that are able to translate the fees extrapolated from her Cube. And her investigations, triumphs, tragedies, loves, and losses offer more than enough emotional feedback capable of shaking up the dullest of days and hooking the average viewer. Lauded as a rich heiress double-crossed by a malicious stepfather who replaced her with a double. Her trials and travails have kept her one step ahead of Special Agent Terry Rowland, who not only pursues her relentlessly because of her fugitive status, but is also fiercely and tragically in love with her.

Following the recent tragic and sensational loss of her soulmate, Anthony, Candy’s production team and inquisitive, perfectly formed nose have brought her to Dawn, where she has trodden a seemingly unrelated path that has bounced her from the Yu Jing-held island of Novîy Cimmeria to deep inside the Ariadnan Exclusion Zone. Living on the edge and preaching the motto “it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission”, both her production team and almost the entire Human Sphere await the findings of her sojourn into the mystery of the strange nanoclouds that drift across Dawn.[2]

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