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The Azra’il are veteran elite troops who are too valuable to let go, too experienced to let talk, and too well-trained not to use. They are named after the Angel of Death.

The Jamdariyah, the Sultan’s personal guard, is renewed with each Sultan. Every time a new one is elected by the people, his head of security disbands the previous Jamdariyah.

Some of the members stay on with the new Sultan, but those who are politically suspect cannot keep their old rank. However, they can’t be sent back to their former regiments either, because, having been part of the Sultan’s guard, who knows what they may have seen or heard? This is why they are sent to the Azra’il Special Deterrent Group, where their talents can be used, but where they can also be closely monitored.

This unit is responsible for the safekeeping of the Silk Route outposts. It was created after the bloody clashes of the Silk Revolts and their role is not so much to protect the most prized treasure of Haqqislam, but to annihilate anyone who dares try and seize it. They didn’t get their name by chance. In the Koran, Azra’il is the Angel of Death, a dark archangel under the direct orders of Allah, whose mission is to rip the souls from bodies and take them to be judged. This is basically the mission of the Special Group, who always acts openly and belligerently. An open operation means that the unit wants the enemy to be perfectly aware of their presence. In military terms this is known as a ‘Show of Force’ or ‘Force by Presence’. The Azra’il normally carry out aggressive patrols, seeking deliberate and provocative contact with the enemy. The choice of an older model of heavy armor is an intended and premeditated decision. Not only because it is a link with each individual Azra’il‘s past - a reminder of their fall into disgrace - but also because it is more bulky, and thus more threatening, in appearance. And if their presence alone is not sufficient to put fear into the hearts of enemies, they then unleash all the firepower at their disposal, doing justice to their name.

Azra'il, or units that are similarly trained (veteran soldiers in old-model armor) are not uncommon as mercenaries. Some of them are licensed out; some of them merely look like Azra'il; some of them are criminals, and some are deserters.


Azrai'il wear armor that is licensed from Yu Jing's Department of Military Support Technologies Development.[1]



ISC: Special Deterrance Group Azra'Il Veteran Troop Heavy Infantry
Fury: Not Imeptuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-4 15 13 13 14 5 3 2 5
Skills and Equipment: BS Attack(+1 Dam), BS Attack(Continuous Damage), Dodge(PH=11), Immunity(Shock)
Loadout Special Skills Weapons and Equipment Melee Weapons Points SWC
1 AP Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 40 1.5
2 Feuerbach(+1B) Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 44 1.5
3 Reinf. AP Spitfire Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 38 1
4 Reinf. Heavy Shotgun(+1B) Heavy Pistol, CC Weapon 33 0


ISC: Azra'il Heavy Infantry
Fury: Non-Impetuous Training: Regular Back-Up: Cube
4-2 12 13 13 14 5 3 2 5
Skills and Equipment:
Name Skills and Equipment BS Weapons CC Weapons Points SWC
Feuerbach Feuerbach Knife, Pistol 39 1.5
AP HMG AP HMG Knife, Pistol 41 2


N4 Design

N3 Design

N2 Design

Current Miniatures

AP Spitfire REF: 281424-1070

Old Miniatures

REF: 280473-0523

REF: 280477-0551

Between N2 and N3, the Azra'il silhouette value increased from S2 to S5, moving them from a 25mm base to a 40mm base.

Limited Edition

None at this time.


  1. Haqqislam RPG p.65