28mm Fantasy

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In the passageway, the suffocating heat and humidity made the advance even more difficult. The torch created ghostly shadows. What dark secrets might these labyrinthine corridors conceal? The only guide was a metallic clinking, muffled by distance….Will you dare to open the next door?


Corvus Belli's WarCrow range is a fantasy series of 28mm miniatures. It appears to be out of production since 2013.


Sigurd Hareksson 300101-0001

Image taken from the blog of Angel Giraldez

Olaf Thorkellsson 300102-0002

Inoshishi Takeshi 300103-0047 sculpted by Carlos Torres


Shirodora Jujiro 300201-0003

Malik al-Saher 300202-0004

Fujiko Da Silva 300203-0009

Aurelius Van Risink 300204-0011

Andrei Polyakov 300205-0013

Sir John Hillgardh 300206-0014

Marcus Aaron Hocs 300207-0016

Gabriel De Molay 300208-0017

Jean-Luc Galvan 300209-0018

Shinmen Reiko 300210-0020

Shinmen Tadaaki 300211-0023

Yagyu Mitsoukage 300212-0024

Bastian Le Gross 300213-0026

Okami Kenei 300214-0029

Second Picture taken from Lost Minis Wiki

Yagyu Koroshi 300215-0030

Melek N'Konu 300216-0032

Ulan (or Yulan?) Yih 300217-0033

Clemens Konstantin 300218-0034

Gyulia Nidam 300219-0035

Håkan Stolz 300220-0037

Yagyu Kentaro 300221-0038

Akaguchi Kimi 300222-0039

Kisawa Hana 300223-0040

Penélope Barbosa 300224-0042

Ultan McTuathal 300225-0043

Conn O'Raon 300226-0044

Amergim Rus Folaigh 300227-0045

Cynwal McCormac 300228-0046

Feng Xi Jiang 300229-0050


Mors Venit 300301-0005


Jorth Kor'Aleh 300401-0006

Logren Dungaedil 300402-0007

Alair Logrendil 300403-0012

Orcs and Goblins

Jarrkun 300501-0008

Neko 300502-0049

Image taken from the blog of Angel Giraldez


Numa 300602-0019

Silat 300601-0010

Dark Elves

Talath Kor-Leinad 300701-0015

Second Image taken from Fantastic Figurines

Aisha Kira-Moura 300702-0022

Xila Kira-Moura 300703-0025

Taken from Cool Mini Or Not

Cyann Kira-Moura 300704-0027

Aima Kora-Luh 300705-0028

Dessa Kira-Moura 300706-0031

Anima Kira-Moura 300707-0036

Jianna Kira-Moura 300708-0048


Volgar 300801-0021


Ûlmürg 300901-0041